Brian Mitchell-Walker

Brian considers himself, like all of his clients, as a complex human being where only parts of who he is show in any given moment.  In his past, Brian would describe how he would forget or bury many different aspects about himself when trying to emphasize the skills that were needed at that time.  After extensive training with Don Riso and Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute and ongoing work with Andrea Isaacs of EnneaMotions and the faculty of the Deep Coaching Institute, Brian now operates with the belief that the more in touch he is in the moment - that it enriches not only the skills he brings but also what can arise to enhance the moment.  So although Brian brings much more, these are the aspects that he brings to this work. A learner and a teacher: Brian enjoys learning and as a teacher he knew some of his [...]

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Lift Up the Banner of Your Heart

Lift up the banner of your heart boldly, and commit your very next step to what you love most dearly. Let the fear of where your step will fall be held in suspension until the step is real. Reflect on where that step has taken you – look at the fear you had and check if it was real. If the fear was real – take a step in another direction. If the fear was false – let it go – let it not be part of the next step you take. Begin to walk with intention in every step towards what you love most dearly. Be aware of every sense as you journey along the way. Let every feeling of the movement, every sight, sound, taste and smell become part of your journey  until . . . you realize that what you love most dearly is your journey. BMW [...]

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Stay At Home

My introduction to the Enneagram occurred over thirty years ago when I attended a weekend retreat at the John Paul II Centre in Regina. The presenters were Carol Ann and David Gotch from Winnipeg. At that time, I thought I was a SIX but over the years as I read and collected Enneagram books, I move around the Enneagram embracing, many qualities of the ONE, the FOUR, the FIVE, and the THREE. I could not find my ‘Home.’ However, I did find a home, the INFP, in the Jungian approach to understanding self and others. I qualified to use the MBTI, and for many years shared those understandings with school and university staffs and students. After retirement, I decided to delve more deeply into the Enneagram and with a psychologist friend’s help looked closely at the NINE, and finally found ‘Home.’ I studied “The Enneagram Experience” material for the Hurley- [...]

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