It Is All True . . . If It’s All About Me.

I am humbled by the wisdom that emerges from the clients I get to work with. One woman's wisdom that emerged when trying to change a recurring pattern in her life - is so simple and yet creates changes so profound - that I've passed it on every chance I get.  "It is all true . . . if it's all about me. But it is not all about me. What else is it about?" The recurring pattern that we noted from within our first sessions together - was in situations where she was receiving criticism. In these moments, she would want to both fight (how dare you say that to me!) and fly away (what if it is true - I'm a terrible person) and instead would "freeze" (not able to respond, but just sit in that moment feeling totally vulnerable, no longer truly listening to the person but [...]

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Is the Fear of Legalities Hurting Children’s Care?

When I was helping different residential camp boards in my province meet accreditation standards, I was met with resistance from a tired group of people who saw all this as just a way to make it much more work to run the camps.   To this resistance I shared this experience: As a male kindergarten teacher (and later grades 1 -3), I was often told that I should never touch the children.  I would be setting myself up for allegations of child abuse.  I worked in an area where for many of my students I was the only stable male figure in their lives.  When these children were hurt, they needed to be held.  Some children that had difficulty focussing on a task – just needed their backs rubbed.  They needed to know what positive touch was. I was lucky in my first year of teaching as my classes were large [...]

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The Time is NOW

After 5 years of coaching with a variety of clients - all of whom I have supported to act out of what they know to be true in this moment - it is time for me to put away the fears I have to begin this Blog.  For I know in this moment - I have much to share.  My life has been filled with amazing opportunities - some given and some fought for - that give me a perspective of what it means to meet the challenges of life with an open heart. And this knowledge is louder than the voices I've heard in my head.  The voices that want to keep me safe (especially my vulnerable heart) from being exposed to others that might want to criticize me, hurt me, to put me down.   Or other voices that say, "by sharing your experience and learnings people are going [...]