Brian has been facilitating interactive workshops for over 30 years with all age groups in diverse settings. Brian can provide short introductory workshops to 3 day workshops that go into greater depth. Throughout the year he will be setting up workshops in different communities about various aspects of the Enneagram System, Parenting and Relationships

Please check out his online calendar for times and locations of upcoming events. As well Brian will respond to requests for specific workshops.

He invites you to look at his calendar to see availability if requesting a workshop in your area. Brian has presented at a variety of regional, national and international conferences on topics such as:

  • It Takes a Village:  Using the wisdom of the Enneagram to open conversations between parents, children, teachers and caregivers.  (Evening/Full Day or 4 evening workshop)
    Frustration occurs when our child/ren and others interacting with our child/ren have different priorities than ourselves.  Use the Enneagram to open (improve) discussions with co-parents, caregivers, teachers, instructors, coaches and our childrenAs parents we want the best for our children. So why do we have arguments with our children that seem to go nowhere?What keeps us from advocating for our child when we see their needs not being attended to by others? We will start with some interactive exploration to look at what shapes our own priorities from our dominant Enneagram type and our Instinctual Variant/ Sub Types. We will explore clues that others give us about their priorities.Using these clues we will turn our judgments into curiosities to open conversations through large group demonstrations and small group practice.
  • At the heart of this workshop is recognizing that our child/ren has/have many supports in their lives – as parents – we can improve our lives by accepting this support and acknowledging it takes a village to raise a child.
  • United in Relationship
    This is a 3 day or 6 evening workshop designed for both traditional and non traditional relationships. Similar to Marriage preparation courses, this asks those in relationship to explore a variety of topics. During the exploration, Brian teaches participants how to be present to each other through reflective listening skills, to be curious about conflict and to look at each topic through the lens of the Nine Domains of the Enneagram System
  • Introduction to the Enneagram Personality Type System
    Brian has designed two hour workshops to 3 day workshops to introduce the Enneagram System.

    • When you contact Brian include what length of time you would like the workshop to be and some of the dynamics you would like to address or details about your intended audience (For example:  building capacity to be present in the moment, exploring the Enneagram through movement, specific age groups, team building . . . ).
  • The Dynamics of Bullying and Changing Your Role Within It
    Based on the work Barbara Coloroso in The Bully, The Bullied and The Bystander Brian shares examples from the classroom, and from the corporate board room to help participants share their experiences and become agents for change.
  • Using Technology as a tool
    Brian believes that technology should always be used to enhance what you are doing (not control it). With Brian’s vast array of knowledge in platforms, software and media, he can tailor a workshop for your specific needs.
  • Working with Kids with special needs
    Brian emphasizes understanding special needs and letting observations of behaviour (without judgement) become the guide for creating success. Brian shares from his experience in a variety of environments (school, household, camp, youth groups). Brian also points out how all children benefit from changes made to help those with specific needs.Other Topics that Brian has been requested to facilitate include:

      • Racial Justice
      • Reviewing Policies with the Lens of Inclusiveness
      • Leadership
      • Working with Conflict
      • Creating Safe Boundaries
      • Sexual Abuse – Prevention and How to Deal with Disclosures
      • Parenting in Non Traditional Families
      • Assessment/Evaluation and Reporting
      • Setting up Environment for Successful Active Learning
      • Creating and Using a Labyrinth
      • Website design and software tech tips

To discuss possibilities and/or to request a workshop schedule a free phone call with Brian.

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