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Brian was the first Canadian trained in the Nine Domains Approachsm (9D)  developed with the Enneagram Institute. To learn more about the Nine Domains Approachsm (9D) please go to www.ninedomains.com . Some descriptions from this website have been copied below to encourage you to read more on the Nine Domains site. Brian will work in cooperation with your team and the Enneagram Institute to organize different surveys (choice of 4 as briefly outlined below), analyse results and plan interventions and practices to enhance your team’s functioning.

Some highlights from www.ninedomains.com are:

The Nine Domains Approachsm (9D) is a set of surveys and reports, interpretive materials, and specific Interventions and Practices (I&Ps) for understanding and working with teams and groups of all kinds and sizes. The combination of these materials provide precise and practical means to improve the health and functioning of groups and organizations.

The Nine Domains Approachsm is a facilitated method of working with teams which encourages communication, cohesion, and ownership within the group for its health and sustainability. This Approach is applicable for a wide variety of organizations, corporate teams, not-for-profit groups, churches, teaching staffs, and volunteer groups of all kinds.

The 9D Approachsm is different and useful because—

  • It allows the administrator to select among four different surveys depending on what kind of information would be most useful for current needs.
  • The results of each of the 9D Surveys provide rich and detailed information that form the basis of surprising insights. These insights lead to instructive and liberating conversations and energizing and confident actions.
  • With this precise and clear base of information, the 9D Facilitator knows which Domains are working well and which need more attention. The set of 90 Interventions and Practices (I&Ps) that are provided in 9D Training are models for the kind of in-depth guidance that a professional consultant will be able to generate.

The four surveys are:

  • The TOLATsm(Team & Organization Level Assessment Tool)
    Measuring the Level of Functioning of a Team
  • The 9DATsm(The Nine Domains Assessment Tool)
    Measuring the Full Constellation of Workplace Potential
  • The TEEMsm(Total Employee Engagement Measure)
    Measuring Employees’ Enthusiasm for Their Workplace
  • The AL-Qsm(Alignment Quiz)
    Finding the Differences Between Stated Values and Actual Behaviors

The 9D Approachsm:Profound Yet Simple

Don Riso who conceptualized The Nine Domains Approachsm, is respected throughout the world for his work with the Enneagram. With his writing and teaching partner, Russ Hudson, they have discovered many previously unknown aspects of the Enneagram. They are known for conceptual breakthroughs in Enneagram theory that have wide-ranging practical applications. The Riso-Hudson tradition of profound insights, creative thinking, clear writing, and engaging teaching are carried forward by the Nine Domains Group (Monika Adelfang, Barry Coltham, Joni Peddie, and Joyce Stenstrom).

The 9D Approachsm:Holistic & Universal

The Nine Domains Approachsm recognizes nine fundamental elements that must be present and in balance for a system to survive and thrive. As such, this approach becomes a “check list for completeness” and can be applied to the development of a team, the analysis of a particular problem, or the evaluation of an entire complex situation or crisis.

A Simple Outline of the Nine Domains:

First Domain Self-Regulation & Organization
Second Domain Nurturance & Connectedness
Third Domain Adaptability & Self-Development
Fourth Domain Self-Repair & Individuality
Fifth Domain Intelligence & Contextual Awareness
Sixth Domain Internal Support & Interdependence
Seventh Domain Energy & Openness to Change
Eighth Domain Growth & Focused Action
Ninth Domain Balance & Dynamic Stability

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