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What do I do when my child isn’t talking to me?  Want to build the trust between you and your teenager?  Wondering how to open conversations with others that care for my child (teachers, coaches, co-parents)?

Brian helps families recognize the dynamics of their interactions.  This part of Brian’s coaching practice came from couples and individuals that wanted help with their parenting and from parents that wanted someone their child could talk to.  So there are several approaches to support families.

It can include sessions with parent(s) where Brian helps parents to:

  • get on the same page as to how to work with their children. . .
  • understand the difference between support and advocacy
  • understand aspects of their child’s personality through the Enneagram to have more compassion for differences and to respond in different ways when buttons are pushed
  • learn to trust the heart connection between parent and child

It can include sessions with the child(ren) alone, combined with sessions to facilitate conversations between parent(s) and child(ren).  Creating a safe space for all involved is very important for Brian.  To learn more – read Brian’s article titled,  Is the fear of legalities hurting children’s care? in the BeMindfullyWell Digest.

In addition to sessions for parents, children and families, Brian also has developed a 3 day workshop (or 6 evenings) called “It Takes a Village.”  Refer to Brian’s Workshop page to learn more about this workshop.  Check to see if a workshop is scheduled near you – or arrange with Brian for a workshop in your area.

Click on the link below to schedule a free 15 minute phone call or a session (Note whether it is at Brian’s Home Office (In-Person) or a session through Phone and/or Video Conferencing (Online)).   Or email Brian Mitchell-Walker through the contact form on the Contact Page.

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