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Wanting something different in your life? Noticing some behaviours that worked for you in the past that are not working well for you now? Feeling like you are missing out on something? Mind won’t stop racing? Anxiety controls your life? Trying to bring more balance into your life? Don’t know where to begin? Begin with an individual coaching session with Brian.

Brian works with individuals to explore their life questions or desires. This exploration will be unique for each person. This initial discovery process may include: sharing stories and reactions to life’s joys and challenges, movement exercises, education about the Enneagram Personality Type System, or exercises that help a person feel more grounded in her/his body with an open heart and quiet mind.  Brian specializes in the Deep Coaching approach which integrates the Enneagram to support each individual’s evolutionary capacity for the deep intelligence of presence.

As your coach, Brian may request that you complete specific assignments (designed together) as part of the coaching process. You are free to complete or not complete these assignments. However, a person is more likely to integrate the awareness gained from the practices if the assignments are completed within the established time frames. These practices will increase a person’s ability to self-observe and/or build capacity to stay “present” in the moment both in ordinary life and in times of anxiety or stress.

Meeting with Brian is not limited by distance.  Individuals can meet Brian in his home office, request Brian to come to the their home or office, or meet by phone and/or video conference. (Brian’s strong technical abilities and teaching skills has made it easy for him to work with others online. Brian has connected with individuals with no previous video conference experience on a wide variety of computer platforms and operating systems.)  Brian has worked with people fro ma variety of stages in life: child, teenager, young adult, adult and senior.

Some people have chosen to enhance a coaching session by adding a Reiki treatment before the coaching session. Click on Reiki Treatment in the top menu to learn more about the benefits of Reiki.

Click on the link below to schedule a free 15 minute phone call or a session (Note whether it is at Brian’s Home Office (In-Person) or a session through Phone and/or Video Conferencing (Online)).   Or email Brian Mitchell-Walker through the contact form on the Contact Page.

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