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Having trouble feeling heard within your relationship?  Same old problems keep repeating themselves?  Feeling like a nag?  Want to address the conflicts in your relationship?  Want to be open to the gifts of your partner?  Set up a coaching session for you and your partner with Brian.

Brian works with couples to be present with each other.  To be in the moment with each other is to recognize what is true for each of you – not reacting to fears of things you think might have happened or may happen in the future.   With Brian’s assistance, explore different dynamics of your relationship, develop compassion for each other’s differences, understand how each of you approaches a problem, become curious about the different conflicts you may have and use these as stepping stones for both your personal growth and in creating greater health within your relationship.

In addition to personal sessions for those in relationship, Brian also has developed a 3 day workshop (or 6 evening sessions) called “United in Relationship.”   Refer to Brian’s Workshop page to learn more about this workshop.  Check to see if a workshop is scheduled near you – or arrange with Brian for a workshop in your area.

Click on the link below to schedule a free 15 minute phone call or a session (Note whether it is at Brian’s Home Office (In-Person) or a session through Phone and/or Video Conferencing (Online)).   Or email Brian Mitchell-Walker through the contact form on the Contact Page.

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