The Time is NOW

After 5 years of coaching with a variety of clients – all of whom I have supported to act out of what they know to be true in this moment – it is time for me to put away the fears I have to begin this Blog.  For I know in this moment – I have much to share.  My life has been filled with amazing opportunities – some given and some fought for – that give me a perspective of what it means to meet the challenges of life with an open heart.

And this knowledge is louder than the voices I’ve heard in my head.  The voices that want to keep me safe (especially my vulnerable heart) from being exposed to others that might want to criticize me, hurt me, to put me down.   Or other voices that say, “by sharing your experience and learnings people are going to think that you are saying your experiences are more important than theirs.”  To these voices I want to say – help me watch for this – help me name my experiences as an invitation for others to share their experiences.

So I am creating this space to write about what I have learned from the amazing opportunities I have had, such as:

  • working with my clients as individuals, organization leaders, teams, couples, families and the wisdom I have gained from their experiences and insights.
  • learning about, and teaching about the Enneagram and being part of the International Enneagram Association
  • working with children and families from inner city Toronto through both a camp and as a teacher in inner city schools
  • being in relationship with my wonderful husband for over 28 years (a relationship where we are committed to working through the hard times).
  • being a foster parent with my partner (first same gender couple to both be named foster parents in Toronto)
  • parenting two sons that joined my husband and I at the ages of 5 and 3 respectively (now in their 20’s) through the Children’s Aid Society in Ontario (we were the first male couple to adopt as a couple in the province of Ontario) – this was one of those opportunities we had to fight for.
  • participating in intercultural events, diversity training, courageous conversations, being a workshop leader in conversations about sexual orientation, gender identity, class, race and several other human rights topics.

So if you are reading this – share a comment. As I write about my experiences – share yours. As one person told me, “It is so important to know our own story (our heritage, our history, ourselves) and then it is in the sharing of our stories with each other we are transformed”

So the time is NOW.

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